Camden Health Database

a citywide, all-hospital claims database that includes data for all hospital encounters dating back to 2002. the database, and the analysis subsequently produced, was the origins for the hotspotting toolkit.


the process of defining and subdividing a large population into clearly identifiable subgroups  having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics.


a small subset of the population that accounts for a disproportionate percent of health care expenditures; often these are patients who suffer from multiple chronic medical conditions compounded by an array of social, behavioral health, and environmental factors.

big data

any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.

health information exchange

(HIE) the electronic movement of health-related information among multiple  organizations to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data with the goal of providing safer, timelier, efficient, effective, equitable, patient-centered care. HIEs can also provide a daily report of currently hospitalized individuals classified as high utilizers to identify potential program participants and ultimately track program processes and outcomes.


a data-driven process for the timely identification of extreme patterns in a defined region of the healthcare system. It is used to guide targeted intervention and follow up to better address patient needs, improve care quality, and reduce cost.

claims data

historical data obtained from a hospital which includes records for each visit to the emergency department or inpatient stay. Claims data includes patient information, dates of service, provider speciality, place of service, diagnosis and procedural codes, and payer information.

cost curve

the cost of healthcare over a period of time as displayed on an x-y axis. When a community has a large number of superutilizers associated with a disproportionate amount of spending, the graph has a negative skew and an exponential cumulative distribution.