About the Toolkit

Hi, and welcome to the hotspotting toolkit! This website is a creation of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and is intended to help share our data methods, experience, and theory with individuals and organizations working to change the healthcare delivery system.

In general, we’ve divided the how-to of hotspotting into a progression of topics, or “modules.” Each toolkit module is introduced as a slide presentation with audio narration. The presentation is intended to serve as a high-level outline of the module’s subjects and themes. We’ll also be presenting content in a variety of other formats including longer narrative, videos, code samples, data exercises, and links to further reading.


Understanding that individuals and groups have varying degrees of data-readiness, we will be trying to first and foremost provide our audience with a baseline understanding of what it means to conduct healthcare hotspotting, ensuring that even those early on in the journey are able to push this movement forward.

As we continue to elaborate and deepen the materials available on the site, we will address a range of more complicated and technical issues, but we hope to bring our entire audience along with us to broaden the conversation about healthcare systems change as we do so.

The hotspotting toolkit is made possible through generous support from the Commonwealth Fund. The Commonwealth Fund works to promote a high-performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and great efficiency, particularly for society’s most vulnerable individuals. We thank them for their continued support.